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Yvonne Kelly

After reading your comments about your brothers varied behaviors, it might be good to tell him to visit only when he is up to being your terrific brother who enjoys the ball game, and goes to see a couple movies, and maybe even goes to the races with my husband. Should he choose to visit at a time when he’s in a bad mood, or his frame of mind is not good kindly, but firmly let him know that his behavior is unacceptable, and you can not allow him to upset or disturb the peace of your home. If he’s taking “ragtime” let him know his visit is not welcome at that time, and that he needs to go home, but when he decides to be the terrific brother whose company can be enjoyed, then and only then is he welcome to visit, and stick to it.
Your brother may have emotional ups and down, but he still knows when he’s making things difficult for others. If you are loving, and kind, but firm in your dealings with him then stop blaming yourself. Remember, your household is fine, until he comes with his “ragtime”.

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